HowTo Setup a SVN Server Under Mac OS X 10.6 in less than 1 min

Subversion is a great version control, very useful, even if you are working alone in your project. You can quickly setup a Subversion server in a minute, because everything in included in MAC OS X Snow Leopard (and perhaps older versions)…

– Open the terminal

– Create a directory called svnroot in your account directory : mkdir svnroot

– Then type : svnadmin create /Users/sam/svnroot (if your account name is sam)

And that’s all folk,  your svn is ready to commit/checkout. Very simple no ?

Use the svn server in the terminal

You can checkout in the terminal with this command : svn checkout file:///Users/sam/svnroot

If you want remote access, turn on ssh access (in the Sharing System Preference) and check out with :
svn checkout svn+ssh://

Use the subersion server in eclipse

It’s also very simple :
– Right click on your project ->Team -> Share Project
– Choose SVN, Next, Create new repository location, Next and the settings are very simple :

URL : file:///Users/sam/svnroot

User / Password : your MAC user name and password

I wish you a happy checkout 😉